1st Anniversary

It has been a wonderful year for parimalvfx.com (and off course for me also) from rolling out of website to supporting my key projects. This also helped me to promote Pr_Suite and resulted in two releases of Pr_Suite which is currently being used by many artists and studios. And now I have planned to make activities of parimalvfx.com more frequent with posts related to R&D, VFX, Python, Nuke, Maya and much more (did I missed VR?) on this new blog. I will try my best to post interesting stuff every week. In coming days groundwork for Pr_Suite v1.2 will begin and it’ll grow even more and as always parimalvfx.com will be there promote it. Next year on this same day I’ll count blog posts, response of Pr_Suite users to measure the growth of parimalvfx.com. So please don’t just bookmark my blog but also do visit frequently.


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