Next Step – MPC Bangalore

On 27th March 2017 I took next step and joined MPC Bangalore as a Software Developer.

It’s one year for me working in Animation and VFX industry starting with Compositor and then becoming a Pipeline & Tools Developer. In this one year I made efforts to equip myself with expertise to understand nuts and bolts of Animation/VFX pipeline. The knowledge which I grasped in the first year helped me to take this step and join one of the global leaders in VFX, Oscar award winning studio Moving Picture Company.

From 27th March 2017 I started working as Software Developer in CG Software team of Software Technology department at MPC Bangalore. It’s a whole new experience in terms of every thing imaginable. Surrounded by giants in the field of visual effects pipeline development, every second at MPC is self enlightenment and what I always sought to learn. In my new role I’ll be developing tools for DCC’s and further enhancing MPC’s pipeline.

As now I have shifted to Bangalore, it is time for me to explore this new city and what it has to offer apart from pleasant weather, traffic and tech parks 😀

A related news on MPC Bangalore’s software development team expansion can be found on AnimationXpress (click here).

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