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Nuke Error Codes

This article is to understand what all possible error codes Nuke can exit and their meaning. I’ll be keeping this page up-to-date with any new error codes I find. Feel free to drop a comment if you find any information given in this article is incorrect.

No further detail, but typically happens with invalid/inconsistent parameters passed into Nuke.
-11Meaning not available
100Licence error
125Meaning not available
127‘nuke.pc’ not found in the pkg-config
This error could occur because the directory containing ‘nuke.pc’ was not found in the pkg-config search path.
132Illegal instruction
May include Backtrace and Memory map in logs.
135Bus error
Also known as SIGBUS and is usually signal 10, occur when a process is trying to access memory that the CPU cannot physically address. In other words, the memory tried to access by the program is not a valid memory address. It’s caused due to alignment issues with the CPU (eg. trying to read a long from an address that isn’t a multiple of 4). SIGBUS is the abbreviation for ‘Bus Error’.
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139Segmentation fault
Also known as SIGSEGV and is usually signal 11, occur when the program tries to write/read outside the memory allocated for it or when writing memory that can only be read. In other words when the program tries to access the memory to which it doesn’t have access. SIGSEGV is the abbreviation for ‘Segmentation Violation’.
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256Permission denied

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